At a time when the copyright public policy debate tends to focus exclusively on enforcement, we believe that it is time for a discussion in the European institutions on how to ensure that copyright fully supports innovation, creativity, competition, and the public interest. Now is the time for a constructive policy agenda to ensure copyright meets the needs of the 21st century.
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Everyone was a bit thunderstruck as the Court of Justice of the European Union ( CJEU) issued its Decision [PDF] in the BestWater International Case (C-348/13) on 21 October 2014. Not by the result, which can only make us feel happy, but by Read More...

Issues in the Real World

We have listed illustrations of uses of copyrighted works in the real world that individual signatories have provided to illustrate some of the issues they believe should be discussed at EU level to achieve the objectives of the declaration, namely:

Harmonize Exceptions Across Europe

Act as a Spur to Innovation

Support User Creativity and Wider Participation

Ensure Accessibility by all Europeans

Support for Education and Research

Facilitate Preservation and Archiving

Ensure Monopoly Rights are regulated Online

“Humanity’s capacity to generate new ideas and knowledge is its greatest asset. It is the source of art, science, innovation and economic development.”

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